4ward Inclusion Consulting, Inc.

Promote Vulnerability. Embrace Diversity. Shift Mindsets. Develop Leaders.

Our youth programs are being offered virtually and in-person. Programs can only be offered in person if you are in the New York City Metropolitan area. 

Ready 4 Life Youth

Our ready for life programs develop social, emotional, civic and leadership skills in young adults. We help students prepare for life by providing the tools they'll need to navigate systems constructed by bias, prejudice and/or racism. Students become aware of their identities and issues that matter to them, helping them connect classroom rigor to their experiences and life choices. 

“Without a Critical Perspective, Students Run the Risk of Internalizing and Acting out Racist Stereotypes they see all Around Them”

-Patricia Gandara

What we Offer

Our programs are created for grades 3 to 12. We provide 45-90 minute workshops, school assemblies, and after-school programs. Please find the programs we offer below.

Our Leadership workshops teach children authentic professionalism. We help youth navigate systems that were not created for the success of marginalized populations. 

Life Skills are the skills that youth need to avoid crisis in their lives. This course includes financial literacy and economics. We also unpack relationships and provide opportunities for youth to adapt their current mindsets to the course learning.

Diversity is about accepting and respecting one another's differences. We create a safe space for students to understand their differing experiences, building empathy and friendships across cultures.

The World and Me explores the impacts of power, privilege and/or oppression through the group identities in the classroom. Through activities, we locate moments that youth may experience privilege and oppression in their lives and teach them how to maintain their authenticity through professionalism. This course increases awareness and builds empathy for the real life experiences of others.

Anti-Bullying and the Abuse of Power unpacks the ways that power dynamics perpetuate bullying in schools and communities, and activates youth leadership to prevent bully behavior from occurring.