4ward Inclusion Consulting, Inc.

Promoting Vulnerability. Embracing Diversity. Shifting Mindsets. Developing Leaders.

About Our Events

Each year 4ward Inclusion executes a number of events that are open to the public and free to participants.

Before the pandemic, our events focused on bully prevention and the systemic abuse of power. This year, our focus is reducing violence and racial inequities within the community, schools, and workplaces.  

Our Events help to: 

  • Strengthen the teacher-parent relationship

  • Increase team cultures through authentic connections 

  • Deepen and re-establish relationships among adults, youth, and communities 

  • Reduce the amount of disconnected youth between the ages of 18-24 that are not in school or work

  • Reduce racial inequities in organizations and schools

This June, we will be partnering with the Westchester Center for Racial Equity to develop and facilitate a 3-part youth racial equity series for High School students. In addition, we have developed a set of programs based on the needs of our current partners. We will continue to design content that meets the unique and diverse needs of our clients. 

Youth Racial Equity Program
June 14, June 16, June 18

Racial Equity
and Anti-White Supremacy Programs

4ward Inclusion Racial Equity Programs (