Meet the Team

4ward Inclusion Consulting, Inc.

Promote Vulnerability. Embrace Diversity. Shift Mindsets. Develop Leaders.

Our team is comprised of a diverse group of individuals that specialize in a range of education and political issues. Our team includes a group of youth advocates between the ages of 9-17 years old. If you are interested in joining our community, please email 

Jolisa Beavers, CEO

Jolisa Beavers is an Equity, Events and Leadership Consultant based in New York City. Her colleagues talk about her ability to connect with people while bringing marginalized experiences to the forefront of conversations. Before launching 4ward Inclusion, Jolisa received a Bachelor's degree from Hunter College and became certified in topics like Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice. She has dedicated her career to understanding impacts of an opportunity gap and the need for workshops that increase confidence and help individuals navigate mindsets that prevent us from being our best selves.

Jolisa is an active member of the Young Professionals Urban League and the Alpha Phi Omega Co-Ed Service Fraternity alumni chapter. In her leadership, she creates long-lasting impacts through vulnerability. 

In her spare time, she watches Ted Talks and spends time with her family. She believes in the power of diversity and empathy to bring us closer to unity.

Meet the Board 

Tiffany Alvarez-Smith
Managing Director at Achievement Network
Colin Stokes
Director of Communication, Outreach and Engagement at MetCo
Brianna Williams
Founder of Queens and Kings Unite and PhD Candidate
Andrea Walker
Strategist and Consultant in Newark Public Schools

Meet the Team

Staff and Consultants 

Syaisha Hewitt: NYC School Psychologist

Syaisha Hewitt has worked as a professional in diverse early childhood, elementary, and secondary school settings for over 10 years. She is passionate about collaborating with students, families and schools to provide services to aid in creating and inclusive and culturally responsive learning environment.. After completing undergraduate studies at Hunter College, Syaisha worked as a group leader for students in a predominantly Spanish speaking neighborhood, where she realized the importance of understanding how race and culture can affect and influence students academically and socially. Syaisha furthered her studies at Brooklyn College, attaining a MS in Education and an Advanced Certificate in School Psychology. 

Syaisha has experience administering and interpreting assessments  as well as implementing counseling, behavioral and therapeutic interventions to support cognitive, intellectual, academic and social emotional functioning.  Consultation experience allows her to effectively communicate with teachers, school administrators, clinicians, and parents from all walks of life to create productive learning environments. She firmly believe that students and educators should be supported with the resources needed to succeed. 

Alexis Guy: Math teacher at Uncommon Schools

Alexis Guy is a mathematics educator located in New York City. With nearly 10 years of experience teaching Grade 3 to Algebra I, Alexis has become a fearless educator. After graduating from the Relay Graduate School of Education, she is now the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Your Credit Teacher. Alexis continuously embraces a culture of error while promoting inclusion and openness in her classroom and with her students.


Alexis is known for helping youth release their math anxieties through real world experiences, and pushes her clients to see that their money mistakes are vital to their financial freedom journey.

Ulesha Verwayne: Office Support at Addus 

Ulesha Verwayne has explored her passion for dance and food since her childhood. She is the only one of her siblings born in the United States, and having a strong Guyanese culture intertwined with her American culture intensified her eagerness to explore cultural dishes and dance styles. Ulesha is an advocate for fair education and inclusion through food and art. Ulesha is a certified nursing administrator, dancer and after-school teacher, she understands how to increase connect with diverse populations through art. 

While Ulesha continues her education, she teaches dance and continues to disrupt barriers through shared interest.

Gregory Harris: CEO of 3MGee, LLC

Gregory Harris s a Graphic Designer and Online Content Manager from the Bronx, New York City. His interest in graphic design began while attending Martin Luther King, Jr High School of Art and Technology. After winning his schools website design competition, he decided to continue building on his creation of content. 

As a Senior in High School, Greg explained his passion for creating content to his advisers at Harlem Children's Zone. They found a site in Harlem called Brownstone Digital, Inc. Brownstone Digital was an online television network where Greg sharpened and developed his craft in content creation. 

Greg now owns a new company called 3MGee, LLC. He is actively looking for opportunities to master his craft. Only the future knows what's in store for him. 


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