4ward Inclusion Consulting, Inc.

Promote Vulnerability. Embrace Diversity. Shift Mindsets. Develop Leaders.


Educators 4 Equity
The education system has diversified at overwhelming rates, making it nearly impossible for educators to be prepared to support the social and emotional needs of their students. This program in short is called "Check Yourself". We unpack our own biases, acknowledge where we have privilege and confront the ways we may inadvertently abuse power in our day-to-day experiences to address the needs of every student you encounter.

Working with 4ward Inclusion, helps you to be a culturally proficient leader; a leader that embraces diversity, promotes individualism and dedicates resources to the needs of individuals from marginalized populations. 

We believe that diversity causes barriers that prevent the impact that you want to see. We dismantle these barriers.

Increasing Student Achievement

Students and teachers are often strangers to one another, making high-expectations, engagement and excitement for learning difficult to achieve. Since most schools do not allocate time for teachers, parents and students to deepen relationships or unpack barriers to learning, we take the time to engage these groups in activities that unpack bias, explore cultural differences and encourage youth to exceed high expectations each day.  

"Today's activities really opened
my eyes to the importance of Individualism.
I'm walking away with new ideas about
how I can engage my classroom!"
- New York City DOE teacher 

Organizational Development
When organizations prioritize time for team members to build relationships across teams, productivity is not only enabled, but it creates a sense of urgency for the work. Our approach transitions cultural barriers to conversation starters actively engaging in content and developing strategies.

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