4ward Inclusion Consulting, Inc.

Promote Vulnerability. Embrace Diversity. Shift Mindsets. Develop Leaders.



4ward Inclusion was founded by Jolisa Beavers in October 2017. 2017 was a difficult year for our founder as she began to navigate the most difficult grief she had ever felt when her grandmother passed away. Jolisa decided to use her time of grief to connect and learn from the experiences of her lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and gender nonconforming Black and Brown friends.  

There were 32 individuals in total. 32 parents, siblings, educators, police officers, and more who deserved a space to unpack and explore their emotions, relearn history, and identify the parts of their identity that are marginalized.  

Jolisa immediately contacted a team to help design and facilitate programs, shape the direction of participant learning and create priorities for the year. 

In 2020, thousands of individuals have attended our workshops learning new ways to Move 4ward, centering the experiences of marginalized populations. 

So if you have ever found yourself saying, "Okay, let's move forward" or "I'm ready to move forward", our programs are for you!


The person comes first.

Our goal is to have an internal culture that exemplifies what our clients expect in their organizations and schools. Through our work we create community and equity in education. But it's our team, clients and program participants that make our mission possible. By approaching different experiences through an individualistic perspective, we're able to eliminate bias and racist behavior. 

Cultural awareness enables inclusion.

We enthusiastically seek information about cultures different than our own. Cultural proficiency enables inclusion and creates safe spaces where each individuals' experience is respected. This level of awareness enforces high quality education, emotional intelligence, and grit.

Embrace diversity.

Diversity has increased dramatically in the education system. We can no longer look at diversity as black and white. Within each race we see diversity across experience, language, income, and personality. But  diversity can create barriers in workplaces and in education. Our work is to confront these barriers so they no longer prevent positive impact.

Vulnerability is a superpower.

It's impossible to Move 4ward without engaging in conversations of racism, power, and identity. Vulnerability is a strength that allows for honest conversations, so individuals can unpack issues that impact youth development. Through vulnerability we create community.