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At 4ward Inclusion, we create the conditions that youth from marginalized populations need to be successful in life.

Our culturally aware programs for youth, educators and parents promote critical thinking, increase financial freedom, and produce safety in communities that are otherwise vulnerable.

As a result of our programs, youth exercise their leadership and commit to their learning. Parents are equipped with more key tools to support their children into adulthood. And every educator in their school is better prepared to support students' social and emotional development

April 21,2020 we launched our Virtual Leadership Program.
In direct response to COVID-19 and it's impact on over 50 million children across the United States, we will offer our Leadership Program virtually. Starting in the Spring, we will offer both the virtual program to include two tracks: leadership skills and life skills.
Participate in our Summer Online Programs! Here's the link:
We will be offering 5-week programs for all ages. Our courses will create a safe space for youth from across the country to come together for learning. Our programs help to increase confidence, social skills and core competencies such as math and reading. 

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4 Programs


prepare students to be successful in adulthood by developing the social, emotional, and civic skills they need to navigate life.

TEACHER WORKSHOPS increase student engagement by reducing teacher bias. We create safe spaces for educators to address power and privilege and address challenges together.


equip parents with key tools to support this generation of youth by providing access to mental health, unbiased education, and protection. 

Culture and Climate


develop tools to navigate cultural differences that cause barriers to efficiency and productivity by allowing the values, beliefs, and experiences of each individual within an organization to create a collective culture. 

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Teachers, counselors and school leaders in NYC and Detroit

The interactions and conversations made this session engaging. I will continue using tools for inner reflection. I learned that honest feedback and reflection is needed to impact equity for students.

The session was great. It was a refresher on the way we think about our students and self-reflection and how to improve on the biases across the board.

I found your session informative and it really pushed some serious self-reflection. I would love to use one of the handouts you provided in this session as a way to get some leaders to do some of my school leaders to do self-reflection as well. It made me feel and think about myself and potentially others with whom I work. 

Middle and high school students in NYC public and charter schools

I like when we just start discussions on our own because they become really engaging and heated and we learn so much from them.

While watching the video on Black people talking about race, I got emotional a few times. I sometimes feel as if it's not my place to give any input on topics such as racism and discrimination because I have never personally been in a situation where someone was bashing my race. So far, this class has made me more informed about the struggles that people go through so I can be reminded of my privilege.

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